Local Organizing Committee

Members of the Local Organizing Committee

  • Vane, Gregg; JPL, Chair
  • Imel, David; Caltech-IPAC, Campus Co-Chair
  • Barba, Mary Ellen; Caltech-IPAC
  • Christian, Katrina; JPL
  • Fouse, Scott ; Lockheed Martin
  • Gordon, Laura; ICS Conference Manager
  • Lowenthal, Tina; Caltech
  • O’Grady, Jeanne; Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • O’Leary, Ellen Caltech-IPAC
  • Posch, Mathias; ICS President & Partner
  • Schoenherr, Grit; ICS Director of Operations
  • Smith, David; National Research Council
  • Snitch, Mary; Lockheed Martin
  • Vest, Daniel ; Caltech
  • Watson, Deborah; JPL

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