Visa Information

Obtaining a Visa

If it is necessary for you to obtain a visa to attend any COSPAR 2018, you can find relevant information about the application process on the following website:

US Department of state

It is encouraged that all delegates apply for their visa at least 4 months in advance of the Assembly.

Visiting the United States

  • Visa-less entry into the U.S. for citizens of 38 nations
  • The National Academy of Sciences maintains an International Visitors Office (IVO) which will assist all others who need to apply for a visa in advance of entry but who may be having difficulty doing so
  • At least one year prior to COSPAR 2018, IVO will provide additional information and updates via the COSPAR 2018 website
  • Please note: Recent changes to the visa-waiver program will impact dual nationals of, and recent visitors to, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan

Invitation Letters

  • Invitations should only state what issuing group (i.e. us) can verify
  • If you are being funded by an Institution, it may be necessary to obtain a letter from them verifying how your stay is being funded
  • Invitations should be sent as early as possible
  • Invitations should include the following:

Names, dates, location and purpose of meeting;
Name, date of birth and passport number of the attendee;
Information on how transportation and local expenses are to be funded;
Information on the organization sponsoring the meeting and relationships to the attendee; and
Name, title, contact information (phone, fax, email, meeting Website) of person responsible for the meeting, in case the consular officer has further questions.

If Problems arise:

  • Participants should fill out the IVO Questionnaire. This will collect information on visa-related issues and report urgent visa cases to the State Department.
  • Participants are eligible to complete the questionnaire if: they are a student, scholar or professional in the sciences AND
  • They have applied for a non-B1 visa to come to the United States for science-related activities and your application has been undergoing administrative processing for 60 days longer OR
  • They have applied for a B1 visa to come to the United States for science-related activities and your application has been pending for 30 days or longer 
  • The IVO strongly recommends that applicants contact their consulate or embassy to begin the visa process as early as possible: at least four months prior to the event start date (i.e., in March, 2018 or earlier).

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